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How healthy is your business?

The Fast Track Photographer Business Plan's Business Stress Test (bST) is designed to give you, the business owner, an objective snapshot of the relative health and viability of your photography business (or any business in the creative professions) at a particular moment in time.

Keep in mind that you are assessing your business and not yourself. Of course, there is a relationship between the two but the bST is engineered specifically to look at your business from an objective point of view. As the chief officer of your business, you are consciously choosing to put stress on the critical areas of your business, by means of intensive and thoughtful questioning, in order to discover what can be done to improve things. In this way, the bST is like taking your high performance automobile to a mechanic to see what needs to be adjusted to tune it to peak performance.

Make sense? Great. Let's get after it!